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Stag Night

stag-night-dvdA movie about a bachelor’s party gone awry. Things went so bad that the soon-to-be groom, his friends, his brother, and two women they met in a New York train found themselves struggling not to become the next meal for subway dwelling family of cannibals.

The movie didn’t seem cheaply made. The cannibal family kinda looked like they’re related to Rob Zombie. That might have been done on purpose. Of course, there were gore, as I expected, even a beheading. Some sex, but not overt. Unlike many other B-movies out there where the production was so bad that it was distracting, Stag Night’s special effects and props were good enough and would have been ample to support a good story.

What I didn’t like about Stag Night were the characters. I did not care for them. So I watched the movie but was not drawn into their world as they were struggling for their lives.

One thing I did like about the movie was the idea of a hidden world under the subway. Besides the cannibals, there were a settlement of non-cannibals who lived underground. It looked like a small village with livestocks such as chicken and other small animals. That scene opened up the possibility of different adventures. But the movie itself was kinda flat.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 

April 14, 2011   No Comments