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The Violent Kind Review

This was one of those movies that I saw because of a particular actor. In this case, it was for Taylor Cole who I immediately recognized from The Event. And I’m glad that she was the lead in the movie receiving plenty of screen time.

The movie description itself seemed interesting enough. Bikers and rockabilly demons. How bad can it be?

The Violent Kind was surprisingly well written and acted, but it left me often confused. There was a lot of action but very little overlying story line throughout the movie. We met the characters, learned their names, the circumstances surrounding their situation and the slightest bit of background. But that’s about it.

taylor cole in the violent kind

At first this movie could be seen as homage to Sons of Anarchy or another biker related movie, but when Cody, Q, and Elroy find themselves at a farm house in the middle of the woods things get weird. From there, it became a mix of, say, The Exorcist and The Strangers with a dash of Harry Potter.

Though I never quite knew exactly what was going on, I wasn’t really bored. But I did find the ending a little lack luster leaving the audience with an obligatory cliff hanger to a movie that never really explained itself in the first place. This movie is definitely unique and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre.

Rating: ★★★☆ 

September 30, 2011   No Comments