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Quarantine 2 Terminal

I love zombie movies. Sure they are mostly the same, in a sense that most stories are based on zombies taking over a community and survivors need to find a way to escape. The fun part is how the survivors would find a way to work or not work with each other. I also like to pick out a character just to watch her or him become a walking dead and turn to kill the other survivors.

Bre Blair in Quarantine 2: Terminal

I thought that Quarantine (2008) was different because the setting was in a confined space, specifically, an apartment building, instead of a city-wide outbreak. And that was enjoyable.

Now for Quarantine 2.

First thing’s first, Quarantine 2 was supposedly a horror flick which is a sequel to Quarantine. But as far as scaring the audience is concerned, the movie was a big disappointment. It completely failed to deliver on expectations. Only 1 or 2 scenes created that tense atmosphere which makes the viewers fidgety in their chairs.

Jenny (played by Mercedes Masöhn) and Paula (Bre Blair) were two stewardesses, who worked in a plane with a number of other passengers including a boy named George, soon to discover that a nauseous wave of pain broke over a passenger named Ralph (George Back). In moments he began attacking other passengers trying to bite them. The pilots were forced to land midway on a terminal where the passengers come to know that they are quarantined because of an infection among the passengers which is highly contagious. They discovered that the virus is caused by the rats bite.

The real movie kicked off from there on; passenger after passenger became infected and attacks the spared ones. George blamed the situation on a young man Henry (Josh Cooke) who brought rats on board. But Henry denied the blame saying that he thought the rats were Hamsters.

The plot sounded interesting enough because Quarantine 2 followed the situation of Quarantine as the survivors slowly discovered their nemesis while in a limited, dark confines. This time, it was an airport terminal.

The problem with the movie was that Director and Writer John Pogue did not add anything likeable to the characters. They were, at best, bland and unsympathetic. Henry was revealed to be the villain, but he didn’t seem convincing as a mad man who wanted to start a zombie apocalypse. Quarantine 2 is like watching Quarantine but without the charm of Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter). So really, there’s no reason to watch it.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 

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Devour is one of those movies that I saw because of who’s in it. This time, it’s Jensen Ackles because I’m a fan of Supernatural. I like that show because it’s the ghost & goblin version of the X-Files. When I saw the Devour DVD on the sales bin of Big Lots, I knew that it was worth the $3 or so to see the early works for Mr. Ackles.

Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles Chicago Supernatural Creation Convention 2007 009
Credit: Flickr – LLC149
. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki promoting Supernatural in Chicago.

Devour starts strong with a heart pounding sequence which immediately leads the viewer to question the main characters reality. Almost immediately he takes you down the path of his past. Soon after, you are introduced to his friends, one in particular who gets the ball rolling on the plot of the movie. When Jake Gray (played by Jensen Ackels) gets enrolled in an online game, his entire life begins to change.

This movie starts slow but then switches into overdrive without you even knowing. You find yourself questioning what is going on with the main character, what the game really has to do with anything, and how his friends and family play a part in everything. three-quarters of the way into the movie you start becoming aware of the religious undertones, none of which were mentioned in the first half of the movie. The ending was supposed to be a crazy twist, but I found it a little lackluster and boring.

Even though the acting wasn’t awful it couldn’t save the horrible story line of this movie. It seemed as if the plot was pieced together from an amalgamation of other horror films, but never really chose which one that it wanted to be.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 

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The Violent Kind Review

This was one of those movies that I saw because of a particular actor. In this case, it was for Taylor Cole who I immediately recognized from The Event. And I’m glad that she was the lead in the movie receiving plenty of screen time.

The movie description itself seemed interesting enough. Bikers and rockabilly demons. How bad can it be?

The Violent Kind was surprisingly well written and acted, but it left me often confused. There was a lot of action but very little overlying story line throughout the movie. We met the characters, learned their names, the circumstances surrounding their situation and the slightest bit of background. But that’s about it.

taylor cole in the violent kind

At first this movie could be seen as homage to Sons of Anarchy or another biker related movie, but when Cody, Q, and Elroy find themselves at a farm house in the middle of the woods things get weird. From there, it became a mix of, say, The Exorcist and The Strangers with a dash of Harry Potter.

Though I never quite knew exactly what was going on, I wasn’t really bored. But I did find the ending a little lack luster leaving the audience with an obligatory cliff hanger to a movie that never really explained itself in the first place. This movie is definitely unique and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre.

Rating: ★★★☆ 

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House of Bones

house-of-bones-dvdAnother haunted house movie that I’ve been noticing on the shelf of the local DVD rental store near my house. House of Bones stars two actors well-known in the geek world, namely Charisma Carpenter from Buffy and Corin Nemec from Stargate. I like them both, so based on their names, I rented the DVD. It turns out that House of Bones was a SyFy movie and those tend to “hit or miss”. And this one misses.

The movie started out well enough as a team of reality TV paranormal investigators found a house to possibly feature in their next episode. Predictably, the crew was not truly experienced in the paranormal because everything they’ve aired had been faked. Hence, encountering a real haunted house was a new experience to them and they did not really know how to act and, much more, how to survive from one.

While the storyline began interestingly enough, I thought it fell apart at the end as each member of the reality TV crew fell one by one from the assault of the mysterious haunted house. Some of the scenes were ridiculous with Corin Nemec’s death topping the list as he slowly got tangled up in the trees outside.

The movie is overall a disappointment and very deserving of the low rating it’s receiving in IMDB.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 

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The Haunting of Marsten Manor

haunting-of-marsten-manor-dvdThe Haunting of Marsten Manor is a haunted house chiller with an uplifting Hallmark-movie vibe. It’s not a ghoulish tale of the supernatural as the DVD cover may insinuate, but it has enough spine tingling moments to keep you interested till the end. I suppose that if this was book, these spine tingling moments will be the page turners so that you keep on going and going until you finish reading the story.

Acting is not eye opening with the exception of C. Thomas Howell who lit up the few scenes he was in. Kinda goes to show you how underrated he is nowadays, despite his superb 80s movie credentials (Red Dawn, The Outsiders, The Hitcher).

This movie has a made-for-TV feel about it. I just can’t verify from IMDB whether or not it was shown originally as such or simply straight to DVD. The production hits the right notes. The story didn’t call for special effects of big production movies so none were included.

Overall, the movie is well made and I’m glad I had the chance to see it though I was expecting something entirely different. Of course, I’m only going to see this movie once.

Rating: ★★★☆ 

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Rise: Blood Hunter

I wrote this review back in 2008, and I’m just reprinting it here with some minor changes. I still feel the same about this movie today as I did back then.

lucy-liu-rise-blood-hunterI became curious when I saw the promo poster for Rise: Blood Hunter DVD in the local video store that I visit often. I do not remember seeing it being released in the theaters. But the movie had some pretty big names attached to it, namely Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Carla Gugino (Sin City, Spy Kids), and, of course, Lucy Liu (Kill Bill, Ally McBeal). So I rented the movie but with reservation and low expectation. To my surprise, it wasn’t bad. But the straight to DVD release, if that’s truly what happened, was justified.

The first few scenes of the movie was titillating as the vampire Sadie Blake (played by Lucy Liu) was in an erotic tease with another stunningly beautiful woman. It so turned out that Sadie was simply using this woman as a decoy to locate the hiding place of the vampire leader who turned her into a bloodsucker and kill him to avenge her “death”. We discovered a little more about Sadie’s concern for living humans as she was not about to let any harm come upon the woman despite placing her in danger as a decoy. From there on, there was a series of flashbacks that led us back in time when Sadie was hapless victim herself who became a reluctant vampire.

The premise for Rise: Blood Hunter was nothing new. We had seen this story in the Blade series, a long established Marvel comic book turned movie about vampires hunting other vampires. To distinguish Rise from Blade, I thought that Lucy Liu had to be compelling in her portrayal of a vengeful spirit. Instead, she fell flat. She was simply not believable as an action hero. Her part required someone who can portray hatred of all things vampire, even herself. It just didn’t work out that way.

Another disappointment was the under-use of Michael Chiklis of The Shield and Fantastic Four fame. Chiklis was able to carry a movie given a chance. He played the role of a police officer searching for the killers of his daughter who teamed up with Sadie Blake to find the same vampire leader.

If you’re a die-hard fan of the vampire genre, you’d be disappointed with this movie. But if you’re a fan of Lucy Liu, then this should be one of the handful of movies in your collection.

Rating: ★★★☆ 

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Stag Night

stag-night-dvdA movie about a bachelor’s party gone awry. Things went so bad that the soon-to-be groom, his friends, his brother, and two women they met in a New York train found themselves struggling not to become the next meal for subway dwelling family of cannibals.

The movie didn’t seem cheaply made. The cannibal family kinda looked like they’re related to Rob Zombie. That might have been done on purpose. Of course, there were gore, as I expected, even a beheading. Some sex, but not overt. Unlike many other B-movies out there where the production was so bad that it was distracting, Stag Night’s special effects and props were good enough and would have been ample to support a good story.

What I didn’t like about Stag Night were the characters. I did not care for them. So I watched the movie but was not drawn into their world as they were struggling for their lives.

One thing I did like about the movie was the idea of a hidden world under the subway. Besides the cannibals, there were a settlement of non-cannibals who lived underground. It looked like a small village with livestocks such as chicken and other small animals. That scene opened up the possibility of different adventures. But the movie itself was kinda flat.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 

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