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Since growing up in the 80s, I’ve been fascinated with the horror genre.  Books were always easier to get to since I can borrow them from the local library.  Of course, later on, I started buying them from Vroman’s at the local mall.  So I read a few Stephen King books (Salem’s Lot, The Stand, Pet Cemetery, Silver Bullet, etc.), Robert McCammon (They Thirst), Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire), John Steakley (Vampire$), and a handful of others.

At the same time, my interest in horror movies began to bloom.  Actually, it wasn’t until I was able to drive and pass for 18 that I’m able to watch R-rated horror movies in the theaters.  No worries, there were always cable and video rentals, thus, I was not completely deprived.  So my friends and I watched Fright Night, The Shining, Children of the Corn, and a few other horror flicks on VHS.  From time to time, there were midnight showings of Night of the Living Dead (original), Dawn of the Dead (original), and other cult favorites.

Lately, since I work next to a DVD rental place, I’ve been renting straight-to-DVD (stDVD) horror movies.  Many of them have actors who you and I usually see in major production films and series.  For example, Lucy Liu in Rise: Blood Hunter, Adam Baldwin in The Thirst, Clancy Brown in The Burrowers, and Rhona Mitra in Skinwalkers.  Many more stDVD movies are out there and coming out every month.  And there’s a good chance, that I’ll be renting them and reviewing in this blog.

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