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Quarantine 2 Terminal

I love zombie movies. Sure they are mostly the same, in a sense that most stories are based on zombies taking over a community and survivors need to find a way to escape. The fun part is how the survivors would find a way to work or not work with each other. I also like to pick out a character just to watch her or him become a walking dead and turn to kill the other survivors.

Bre Blair in Quarantine 2: Terminal

I thought that Quarantine (2008) was different because the setting was in a confined space, specifically, an apartment building, instead of a city-wide outbreak. And that was enjoyable.

Now for Quarantine 2.

First thing’s first, Quarantine 2 was supposedly a horror flick which is a sequel to Quarantine. But as far as scaring the audience is concerned, the movie was a big disappointment. It completely failed to deliver on expectations. Only 1 or 2 scenes created that tense atmosphere which makes the viewers fidgety in their chairs.

Jenny (played by Mercedes Masöhn) and Paula (Bre Blair) were two stewardesses, who worked in a plane with a number of other passengers including a boy named George, soon to discover that a nauseous wave of pain broke over a passenger named Ralph (George Back). In moments he began attacking other passengers trying to bite them. The pilots were forced to land midway on a terminal where the passengers come to know that they are quarantined because of an infection among the passengers which is highly contagious. They discovered that the virus is caused by the rats bite.

The real movie kicked off from there on; passenger after passenger became infected and attacks the spared ones. George blamed the situation on a young man Henry (Josh Cooke) who brought rats on board. But Henry denied the blame saying that he thought the rats were Hamsters.

The plot sounded interesting enough because Quarantine 2 followed the situation of Quarantine as the survivors slowly discovered their nemesis while in a limited, dark confines. This time, it was an airport terminal.

The problem with the movie was that Director and Writer John Pogue did not add anything likeable to the characters. They were, at best, bland and unsympathetic. Henry was revealed to be the villain, but he didn’t seem convincing as a mad man who wanted to start a zombie apocalypse. Quarantine 2 is like watching Quarantine but without the charm of Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter). So really, there’s no reason to watch it.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 


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