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House of Bones

house-of-bones-dvdAnother haunted house movie that I’ve been noticing on the shelf of the local DVD rental store near my house. House of Bones stars two actors well-known in the geek world, namely Charisma Carpenter from Buffy and Corin Nemec from Stargate. I like them both, so based on their names, I rented the DVD. It turns out that House of Bones was a SyFy movie and those tend to “hit or miss”. And this one misses.

The movie started out well enough as a team of reality TV paranormal investigators found a house to possibly feature in their next episode. Predictably, the crew was not truly experienced in the paranormal because everything they’ve aired had been faked. Hence, encountering a real haunted house was a new experience to them and they did not really know how to act and, much more, how to survive from one.

While the storyline began interestingly enough, I thought it fell apart at the end as each member of the reality TV crew fell one by one from the assault of the mysterious haunted house. Some of the scenes were ridiculous with Corin Nemec’s death topping the list as he slowly got tangled up in the trees outside.

The movie is overall a disappointment and very deserving of the low rating it’s receiving in IMDB.

Rating: ★★☆☆ 


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